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Automatic Lathe

HS Code : 84581902
Model C-15/25/30/32* C-42/60
Spindle Capacity-Round 15/25/30/32* mm 42/60 mm
- Square 10/18/21/22* mm 29/42 mm
- Hexagon 12/22/26/27* mm 36/52 mm
Max. Turning Length 70 mm 100 mm
Max. Cap. of Tail Stock Collet 13 mm 28 mm
Spindle Speed (12 step) rpm

900-6500 / 550-4000/355-2640*

Production Rate 28-2100 pcs/hr 10-1000 pcs/hr
Total Power Consumption 2/2.7* kW 4.6 kW
Net Machine Weight 650/750* Kgs. Approx. 1200 Kgs. Approx.

Standard Accessories : Cross Slide, Tail-Stock with collet mechanism, Bar feed attachment, Electrical equipments with control panel, Motors, Coolant Pump with fittings, Set of change gears, Set of hand tools, Splash Guards, Chip tray, Weights, Pusher rod, Rope for bar feed, Grease gun, Stand.
Standard Accessories :
Double Vertical Slide, Long Turning Attachment, Automatic Electric Shutter, Piece Counting Attachment, Single Open Tool Holder (Front or Rear), Double Tool Holder (Front or Rear), Rocker Tool Holder (Front or Rear), Circular Form Tool Holder, Step Turning Tool Holder, Centering & Stopping Attachment, Double Drilling Attachment, Four Station Turret, Protective Cover, CI Body Case, Thread Milling Attachment

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